The reason for using us are plenty:
For starters, there are over ninety different types of out-of-home media to chose from and even more vendors who sell them. Billboard Connection will provide you with expert analysis on all outdoor vendors and formats in your market area offering you the best possible solutions to reach your marketing goals within your budget.

In addition, the outdoor advertising industry is like many others, knowledge is power: The best customer service, rates and locations often go to the companies with the greatest industry knowledge or buying power, a description that usually applies to big businesses or those that have the funds to hire high-powered advertising agencies. As a result inexperienced buyers can wind up paying more and getting less.

Plus you can’t underestimate the value of your time. Coordinating all of the activities related to the design, production and implementation of an Out-of-Home advertising campaign can take countless hours. And even then your advertisement may not communicate your message effectively. Out-of-Home advertising copy must be designed to be specifically suited to the format that it appears on. An improperly designed ad could render your campaign useless. Our expert design team ensures that your message “fits” the format offering you the best response to the campaign.

Billboard Connection levels the playing field as our core competency as an outdoor advertising specialist gives us the knowledge to find the best locations and negotiate rates on your behalf. Plus, we have the ability to cost-effectively design and produce any form of outdoor advertising you need, so you can begin running your outdoor advertising campaign almost immediately.

From traditional billboards to the most cutting edge forms of non-traditional & digital media, Billboard Connection will provide the right media plan to ensure that your advertising dollars are used efficiently and effectively.


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