The largest of all outdoor advertising formats, wallscape advertising is dramatic and visually arresting, and often cover entire building sides.  Painted directly on surfaces or printed on special vinyl and attached to exterior facades, wall advertising can span hundreds of square feet and provides long-term, high-visibility and high-impact exposure of your message.

Often used as the signature piece of an out-of-home advertising campaign, Wallscape Ads:

  • are memorable
  • are custom designed
  • quickly build and maintain top-of-mind awareness
  • deliver your message 24/7
  • reach both vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • capitalize on unique building shapes and sizes
  • are visible to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic

Wallscape Ads as Landmarks

One of the most creative outdoor advertising formats, wallscape ads can become landmarks in and of themselves when done well.  Visible across a long distance, they dominate the landscape and draw the viewer. Billboard Connection places your message on buildings in the downtown business and tourist districts in major markets and along heavily traveled highways and commuter routes where people just can’t miss it. Wall advertising contracts provide months and even years of exposure for your message.

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