Large, eye-catching and difficult to ignore, billboards and bulletin board advertising have been a mainstay of high-impact out-of-home advertising campaigns for decades, and for good reason.


  • deliver your message 24/7
  • promote your brand, service or product
  • quickly build and maintain top-of-mind awareness
  • are massive—upwards of 14' high and 48' long—and visible from a distance
  • can't be turned off, tuned out or thrown away
  • offer creative flexibility through extensions and embellishments
  • provide high-density, high-frequency consumer exposure
  • can be targeted geographically or demographically
  • are cost-effective
  • reach both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


Types of Billboard Bulletins
Bulletin advertising gets you the most exposure for your message with distinct types of bulletins used for specific purposes:

Rotary bulletins move your message from one location to another across a predetermined area, usually every 8 to 12 weeks—long enough to capitalize on commuter and pedestrian traffic habits before moving on to a fresh audience and expanding the reach of your message. Rotating your bulletin can even make your message appear as if it's in multiple locations simultaneously.

Permanent bulletins provide long-term, dominant coverage in fixed, high-traffic areas. Location selection is key for permanent bulletin board advertising and is determined according to your geographic or demographic targets. Strategically placed permanent bulletins can be used to direct consumers to your location.

Posters, smaller than bulletins, are a cost-effective alternative on lower-speed secondary roads.

Wallscapes are large, visually arresting, and frequently used as the signature piece of an outdoor campaign. Wallscape advertising creates a lasting impression and is used in metropolitan areas or landmark locations. See Wallscapes.

Digital billboards or bulletins use colorful, eye-catching broadcast media in the same hard-to-miss, high-traffic locations as traditional bulletins.

Advantages to Outdoor Advertising

  • Can't be turned off, turned over, thrown out or ignored
  • Works continually day and night
  • Has a high reach and frequency
  • Eliminates wasted Circulation
  • Creates and maintains a highly visible company image
  • Quickly builds brand awareness
  • Provides your company presence in your competitor's market area
  • Easy to plan and produce for immediate impact
  • Directs consumers to your business

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