Spectaculars are the most traffic-stopping, eye-popping and jaw-dropping of all creative outdoor advertising.  Large, complex, and engaging, spectaculars are non-standard three-dimensional messaging displays custom-designed to surprise viewers and command attention, whether alone or in venues cluttered with other types of advertising.

Spectacular advertising incorporates head-turning special effects such as:

  • neon, strobe, and back lighting
  • hydraulics-driven components
  • fiber optics
  • three-dimensional structures and extensions
  • video displays and digital graphics

Visually intriguing, spectaculars are typically positioned to capture exceptionally high consumer exposure in downtown areas and in the vicinity of key highways and commuter routes.

Billboard Connection can create spectaculars and creative outdoor advertising in major cities and at airports and other venues across the country. Because of its design and construction requirements, spectacular advertising is typically contracted for longer periods of time.