Specialty Media takes your advertising message right to where people are living life!

Mall Kiosks
Mall consumers in the process of making buying decisions are ready to be influenced!
Sports Stadium
The sports stadium is packed for the big game! Before the game, during the game, at half time your ad
will been seen over and over making a lasting impression!
College Campus
The college student is ready to try new brands and make other choices that will stay with them for the
rest of their lives.  What a receptive audience for your message!
Movie Theatres
Consumers 18-49 with high disposable income and active lifestyles. If you want to reach them, go to the
movies! The attention of up to 75 MILLION moviegoers every month. No distractions. No flipping
channels or changing stations. Delivering recall more than 4 times higher than television. It’s no wonder
leading marketers are including Cinema Media in their media plans.


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