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When it comes to growing your business, nothing is better than an effective Out-of-Home ad campaign. And when it comes to effective Out-of-Home advertising, it helps to have the right connections. That’s where Billboard Connection comes in. Billboard Connection helps small and mid-sized businesses grow by tapping into the huge benefits of using Out-of-Home advertising formats such as billboards, posters, taxi tops, buses, transit shelters, movie theaters, benches, malls, airport displays, and many more forms of out-of-home media products.

CONSIDER THE ADVANTAGES OF INCLUDING OUTDOOR ADVERTISING IN YOUR NEXT CAMPAIGN Outdoor Advertising: Can’t be Turned Off, Tuned Out, Turned Over, Thrown Out or Ignored Outdoor Advertising Works Continually Day and Night Outdoor Advertising Has a High Reach and Frequency Outdoor Advertising Eliminates Wasted Circulation by Concentrating the Advertising Message in Your Target Market Area Outdoor Advertising Is BIG, BOLD and COLORFUL Outdoor Advertising Creates and Maintains a Highly Visible Company Image Outdoor Advertising Quickly Builds Brand Awareness Outdoor Advertising Provides Your Company Presence in your Competitor’s Market Area Outdoor Advertising Is Extremely Flexible, Able to Purchase Small Area Coverage or Complete Market Saturation Outdoor Advertising Gives Your Campaign Immediate Impact Outdoor Advertising Acts as a Final Reminder While People are in Route to Shop or at Point of Purchase Outdoor Advertising Is Very Cost Effective, and offers the Lowest Cost per Thousand Impressions