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A great medium to cost effectively build your brand

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street furniture

Street Furniture advertising is a very affordable way to get your message out.

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cinemas ad


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Put your advertising on wheels literally.

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Since 1997 we have been providing our clients with professional full service support in the form of strategic planning, buying, and execution of OOH advertising. We manage all aspect of your OOH advertising; from finding the best available locations that fit within your budget, to utilizing our buying power to get you the best deal. In addition, we will take care of your graphics, printing, installations and everything else that involves getting your message out. All you have to do is provide us with the art components that you want to use and sign off on the final art design. At Billboard Connection we have the right connections with both large and small independent OOH vendors in order to creatively and effectively deliver your advertising message. From small retailers to Fortune 500 companies, no business is too small or too large to take advantage of our services. When you use us, you get a professional OOH advertising account executive on your team, all at no extra cost to your ad budget. Our agency is compensated by the outdoor companies.

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