Digital Billboards

A digital billboard (also called an electronic billboard) is among the most flexible of all outdoor advertising formats. Programmed to change displays several times per minute, digital billboards rotate static or animated messages from several different advertisers, keeping consumers curious about what they might see next.


Typically set in high-profile, high-visibility locations along major highways and in densely populated areas, digital billboards offer colorful, eye-catching images that can be quickly updated and uploaded. And with flexible daypart messaging available, Billboard Connection can customize the timing strategy of your campaign to target specific audiences at different times of day and days of the week.

Digital Billboards:

  • Computer-generated design and wireless upload of ads eliminates print and installation time and cost.
  • Electronic billboard display ensures sharp, high-quality images.
  • Messages and creative can be changed weekly, daily or hourly—with a simple remote download of a design file.
  • Time-sensitive messages can be immediately displayed: event marketing, one-day promotions, urgent public service announcements and news alerts gain instant exposure.
  • Digital billboards are available nationwide in desirable high-traffic areas.

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