Bus Benches

Bus bench ads and bus stop advertising provide broad coverage along busy main streets and high-traffic intersections of major metropolitan areas as well as smaller, hyper-targeted markets. Positioned throughout high-density and heavily traveled areas, bus bench advertising puts your brand and message at eye-level for both pedestrians and drivers alike.

Capitalize on rush-hour traffic and street activity with high-visibility and high-impact out-of-home advertising that:

  • delivers your message 24/7
  • promotes your brand, message, service or product
  • builds and maintains top-of-mind awareness
  • provides high-density, high-frequency consumer exposure
  • can be targeted geographically or demographically
  • is cost-effective.


Street-level bus bench advertising is an effective way to complement your out-of-home advertising campaign, particularly in markets where billboards or other larger-scale vehicles are unavailable. For local or regional advertisers, bus bench ads along targeted routes can even be used to elicit an immediate response and direct consumers to a nearby event venue or retail outlet.

Billboard Connection provides expert analysis of street traffic statistics and bus ridership data to ensure your bus stop advertising effectively reaches your target. Audience demographics are available in many markets.

Bus bench advertising can be managed as a single-market or multi-market campaign, with the number of locations determining your coverage and cost. Space is purchased in four-week cycles for long- or short-term engagements.

Bus bench ads can get your message noticed through a targeted network of locations.