Airport Advertising

Airports are fertile ground for high-visibility and high-reach out-of-home advertising that turns the heads of a very desirable audience: business and leisure travelers who tend to have a higher disposable income and, often, time to spend. Make flight delays work in your favor with airport ads strategically placed by Billboard Connection in airports across the country.

Airport advertising locations include

  • Roadways and terminal approaches
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Shuttle buses and shelters (inside and out)
  • Walkways
  • Arrival and departure areas
  • Ticketing areas
  • Gate and boarding areas
  • Concourses
  • Baggage carousels and claim areas
  • Retail and dining areas
  • VIP lounges


Airport Advertising Detail Sheet


Attract attention and enhance your company’s brand and image with creative airport ads designed to elicit a direct response:

  • Freestanding, multi-sided kiosks
  • Digital screens
  • Dioramas and showcases/display cases
  • Wallscapes and spectaculars
  • Baggage cart cards
  • Shuttle bus stop ads and shuttle posters and wraps

Billboard Connection provides in-depth, expert analysis of airport traffic and passenger statistics—using sources including the Airports Council International and individual airports in the U.S. and worldwide—to ensure advertising in airports effectively reaches your target. Audience demographics are available in many markets.

Airport advertising is generally managed as a multi-market campaign, with the number of locations determining your coverage and cost. Space is purchased in four-week cycles for long- or short-term engagements.

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Advantages to Outdoor Advertising
  • Can't be turned off, turned over, thrown out or ignored
  • Works continually day and night
  • Has a high reach and frequency
  • Eliminates wasted Circulation
  • Creates and maintains a highly visible company image
  • Quickly builds brand awareness
  • Provides your company presence in your competitor's market area
  • Easy to plan and produce for immediate impact
  • Directs consumers to your business

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