Advantages & Disadvantages of Newspaper

Advantages & Disadvantages of Newspaper


Broad reach, mass medium

• Newspaper offers targeting capability with regional delivery and special advertising sections

• Only a small portion of market is a ready buyer on any given day; buyers use newspaper to price

shop; the advertiser needs to run every day to hit the buyer target

• Extends retail showroom and can put many items on display (i.e. local furniture retailers,

automotive, realtors, grocers, drugstores)

• Marketplace for comparison price shopping

• Competitive parity – a competitor is running more ad space, you need to be more competitive


• Decreasing market penetration – many newspaper achieve less than 50% penetration

• Generally declining readership

• Not very cost-effective

• Low usage: browsers, not readers – spending less time reading newspaper; readers not reading

every section

• Number of younger readers (18 to 35) declining, spending less time reading

• Readers don’t see ads – most ad recall studies show less than 50% of newspaper readers recall

full-page ads; research shows that 1/4 page ads generate scores almost equal to full-page ads

• Little targeting – difficult to accommodate selective market targeting; zoned editions often too

large to match desired  target

•Coupon redemption declining

  •  Clutter – profitable newspapers are 60-75% advertising. No exclusivity or separation guaranteed

• Losing exclusive status with classified advertisement in recruitment, automotive and real estate; competition from Internet and other media

• Variety of volume discounts, rate cards, zones, market sizes cost effectiveness comparisons difficult Combine.

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Newspaper & Outdoor

The use of outdoor advertising can resolve some of newspapers’ shortcomings. Through the use of outdoor advertising an advertiser improves its ability of selective targeting. Outdoor advertising penetrates newspapers’ zoned areas that are too large for reaching the desired target.

Old news is old news. Newspapers have a short shelf life. Often advertiser’s messages are thrown out in the daily trash unread. Outdoor advertising can extend the life of a campaign by working all day long, every day. Readership rates are on the decline and will likely continue, due to the increasing number of alternate news sources.

Outdoor advertising’s very nature is unavoidable and impacts consumers lost to other news sources.

Additional examples how outdoor advertising can strengthen a newspaper campaign:

  • Outdoor advertising repeats call to action message
  • Outdoor advertising can promote newspaper ad reference
  • Outdoor advertising increases the reach and ensures greater coverage among light readers and younger consumers
  • Outdoor advertising lowers CPM cost of expensive newspapers

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